Want to be part of SAD GURLZ? Do you live in New York? Do you identify as a girl? Apply to be a SAD GURL! Tell us about yourself, why you're sad and what your SAD GURL theme should be and we'll pick a background color that matches you best! So fill out the form below and we'll be in touch with you if you're chosen!


Please check out our website before filling out the application. If you submit a theme that has already been chosen your chances of being picked as a SAD GURL become significantly lower. No one wants that.

If chosen as a SAD GURL, please be aware that you will have to provide your own clothing and props. 

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For scheduling purposes only
This will be your quote when your image is published. For example, "I'm a fast food SAD GURL because only fried foods can satisfy my sadness"
Fast Food SAD GURL, Princess SAD GURL, Punk SAD GURL. But please, no glitter themed anything.
In the cafeteria, through friends, a poster on my floor!
Mondays and Wednesdays after 3, Most weekends anytime